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Giving hope to women and vulnerable children...

Aroma community development project is an integrated development that exists to address the social problem of poverty in the rural community set-up. A community where children face a large number of health and nutritional risks which are amplified by disadvantages related to their home environment and access to quality education.

This is done through community mobilization and involvement in group dynamics approaches to support parenting skills and mediated learning to maximize intellectual competence and growth and ensure that children are better prepared for school in early age.

  • To address the issue of poverty as a social problem, we build human capital to achieve strong economic outcomes.
  • Equipping women with relevant skills and empowerment is one of our priority areas of concern.
  • Facilitating initiatives that stimulate local participation in every development processes so that every idea is married to a blue print.

Our target group in the development program is children who live in poverty and have no mouth to express their grievances. Children born to single headed households, often left at their own peril to fend for themselves when their mothers go to look for them what

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